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I have just become aware of a great new resource for those of us who want to be able to set up a blog very quickly. This morning I set up a blog at Tumblr and was up and running in five minutes was going. You can go to my tumblr blog to see what I achieved in those five minutes – not BoingBoing I know but then it did only take five minutes.


There are so many uses of the word change- lose change (any change mate- for a cup of coffee?), making change (those socks just have to go) , all change (your train isn’t going any further buddy), waiting for your change (did they think I was leaving them that as a tip?)…and on and on..

Tis site brings a nice twist to what change is about. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of watching it as I did.

To-day I discovered a wonderful resource for anyone intersted in collective intelligence. The site is and contains a treasure trove of resources. Michel Bauwens co-ordinates this site. Although ‘Peer-to-Peer’ sounds kind of obscure, it is in fact guided by two fascinating maxims:

  1. ending the destruction of the biosphere by abandoning the dangerous conceptions of pseudo-abundance in the natural world (i.e. based on the assumption that natural resources are infinite);
  2. promoting free cultural exchange by abandoning the innovation-inhibiting conceptions of pseudo-scarcity in the cultural world (i.e. based on the assumption that the free flow of culture needs to be restricted through excessive copyrights etc…).

I touch on these topic in ‘Teaching an Anthill to Fetch’ and I wished I had known this site existed before completing the writing process. I would have certainly included many references to this valuable material.